Tuesday, 8 April 2014

End of Tenancy Cleaning - Small Flat

Busy Hands Cleaners End of Tenancy Images

Today's Clean: It was a small flat tucked away behind shops. At first, it seemed like an easy ride, but as  the cleaners dived in, you could tell straight away it wasn't going to be easy at all. Please take a look ater the difference our professional cleaning team could bring on a property. The picture are not exactly in order but I guess it was a lot of multitasking going on. The images should give you a very good idea. Brace yourself.
Big thank you to Busy Hands Cleaners team, who has taken time to do a fantastic job again.

...The End...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What you should expect from a professional end of tenancy cleaning company?

End of Tenancy Cleaning is carried out by a team of professional cleaners with all materials and equipment required to complete the cleaning job. We have designed an End of Tenancy check list to help you, as a tenant or landlord, understands the standards required in the industry. We understand how strict estate agencies can be in following these check list. You would expect all professorial cleaning company to follow these check list but this is not always the case. We at BUSY HANDS CLEANERS always follow these check list to maintain our integrity and keep our customers happy. We will also guarantee all our End of Tenancy clean. We work with many leading estate agents and we are proud in what we do. Please take your time to check our standard cleaning task list below. 

Before you choose another company, check their task list or check list .We are the only cleaning company in London who will do a comprehensive domestic cleaning completing these task list without extra charge for standard oven cleaning, extractor cleaning, blind, internal windows etc. We take pride in what we do, call us for a quick chat!

  • cleaning and polishing all cupboards and drawers inside and out, remove stains, marks, dirt and finger prints*
  • clean the fridge and freezer inside and out,*
  • clean the hubs and oven outside*
  • clean the microwave inside and out, remove stains and marks where possible
  • clean and wash all tops and surfaces, polish where necessary
  • clean the extractor over the cooker*
  • clean and wash the sink, *remove lime scale and polish
  • clean and wipe the door, remove marks and finger prints where possible
  • dust lamp shape and light switches where possible
  • hovering and mop the floor (if not carpeted)
  • steam cleaning of tiles and floors making it germ free (charged extra)
  • clean and disinfect toilet seat inside and out, toilet bowl inside and out, polish where necessary
  • clean and wash the bathtub(shower cabin), polishing the tabs
  • clean and wash the tiles and between the tiles, *remove lime scale
  • polishing mirrors and glasses
  • clean and wash all tops and surfaces, polish where necessary
  • clean the cabinets inside and out (if there are any)
  • clean and wash the sink, polish the taps
  • hovering and mop the floor
  • clean and dust the fan (if possible)
  • clean and wipe the door, remove marks and finger prints
  • steam cleaning of tiles and floors to remove sturborn dirtys and kill germs (charged extra)

  • clean and wipe wardrobes and drawers outside, if the client require it could be done inside as well - extra time may be required to take the belongings out of the wardrobes, clean inside and put them back
  • dust and polish all tops and surfaces
  • wipe picture frames and lamp shapes
  • clean and wipe skirting boards more..............

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Jotform Review

I have being using jot form since 2011 and the have proved to be very helpful and the best for me. I do not think there is any other form-building site out there that compares to them. With regards to what you can achieve with the form building software. There prices starts from $9,95. which is affordable compared to what you can get from them. Even their free account has proved to be a force to reckon with. If you have a very small Web site and do not expect to get many responses from your form then you can use their free form service. Just few of the thing you can do with Jotform: Create surveys Create contact us from in your website Create order forms if you are selling Create Registration forms. Create multiple forms in one account You can also integrate pay pal and other major e-commerce software on your website. One of my best feature on jotform, is their template support. This is very useful when you need that extra help to create a form of a survey. You will be able to choose from a with range of templates to help you build a very lovely form. I surely will recommend Jotfrom and will not choose any other form building software. Not to mention their support service which is great.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Domestic Cleaning Service in London

Our regular domestic cleaning keeps your home or office sparkling clean, tidy and free from harmful bacteria and the development of fungus that can cause serious health issues,

If you want to keep your home clean, but simply haven’t got the time to do it all yourself, then hiring a domestic cleaner from us will do the trick we are affordable and provide quality service to suit different client needs, whether you are a high flyer or just a busy mum we have a service that will suit your need.

We will clean your office however large or small your business is Busy Hands Cleaners knows how important it is to have a clean and tidy working environment.

We can provide cleaners to suit your business needs

just call us we are here to help

Domestic and Office Cleaning Check our Home Cleaning.