Monday, 21 October 2013

Jotform Review

I have being using jot form since 2011 and the have proved to be very helpful and the best for me. I do not think there is any other form-building site out there that compares to them. With regards to what you can achieve with the form building software. There prices starts from $9,95. which is affordable compared to what you can get from them. Even their free account has proved to be a force to reckon with. If you have a very small Web site and do not expect to get many responses from your form then you can use their free form service. Just few of the thing you can do with Jotform: Create surveys Create contact us from in your website Create order forms if you are selling Create Registration forms. Create multiple forms in one account You can also integrate pay pal and other major e-commerce software on your website. One of my best feature on jotform, is their template support. This is very useful when you need that extra help to create a form of a survey. You will be able to choose from a with range of templates to help you build a very lovely form. I surely will recommend Jotfrom and will not choose any other form building software. Not to mention their support service which is great.

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